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  • Wiki Page: FIM Reference: How to register the FIM WMI Provider

    Table of Contents Purpose Symptoms Steps See Also Purpose The purpose of this wiki page is to provide the steps on how to re-register, or register the FIM WMI Provider. Symptoms Following symptoms might occur: "Error 25050. The Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service...
  • Wiki Page: [Troubleshooting] WMI: Provider Load Failure

    Problem Statement / Overview In our issue we were attempting to utilize the FIM WMI Namespace Provider ( root\MicrosoftIdentityIntegrationServer ) to execute some Windows PowerShell code. In each instance, we received the error message “ Provider Load Failure ”. WMI NAMESPACE...
  • Wiki Page: [Troubleshooting] Run Profiles 0x8004100E - Invalid Namespace

    Overview An error of "Failed connecting to the WMI Namespace" is thrown when utilizing the WMI Provider MicrosoftIdentityIntegrationServer to automate processes such as (1) The execution of run profiles, (2) clearing the Run History. Here is an example of the error message: ...
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