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  • Wiki Page: How to Detect Connectors in FIM

    In some FIM solutions, it is necessary to implement a mechanism that updates the remaining connectors when one connector has been removed. For example, MaxMexican was working on a solution that publishes Active Directory users based on the content of a HR data source. In case of a new HR...
  • Wiki Page: FIM Troubleshooting

    Houston, we have a problem… One thing we all have in common is that we have been, at some point, in the same situation and we will end up in it again – troubleshooting. You are trying to get something up and running and for some reason, the system doesn’t do what you need it to...
  • Wiki Page: How Do I Provision Users to Active Directory Domain Services

    One basic requirement for an identity management system is the ability to provision resources to an external system. This guide walks you through the main building blocks that are involved in the process of provisioning users from Microsoft Forefront™ Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 to Active Directory...
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