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  • Wiki Page: Small Basic: How to Create an Extension Using VB.NET

    Table of Contents STEP 1: Create an Extension STEP 2: Make it Work STEP 3: Moving On Other Languages This article is about how to create a simple extension that you can build on for Small Basic (Microsoft). To get started you will need Small Basic, .NET Framework 3.5, and Visual Basic.NET 10. If...
  • Wiki Page: Small Basic

    Table of Contents Extensions Community Let's Start Additional Resources Web Pages Blogs Social Media See Also Other Languages Japanese (ja-JP) Italian (it-IT) Microsoft Small Basic is a beginner .NET language, derived from QuickBasic. It was first launched as a public beta in 2008, and version...
  • Wiki Page: Work Around Inability to get Batch Processing with IN and EXISTS

    Using IN and EXISTS in queries can some timetimes prevent the use of batch processing in SQL Server 2012, and result in less speedup than expected when using columnstore indexes. For example, dbo.Media is a dimension table with around 6,000 rows, and dbo.Purchase is a fact table with around 101 million...
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