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  • Wiki Page: Why are both the Teredo and IP-HTTPS Interfaces Active?

    [This article first appeared on the "Edge Man" blog at . Please feel free to add and improve this content] A common question I see on the message boards and in conversations...
  • Wiki Page: UAG DirectAccess – Don’t Fear the Reaper or IPv6

    [This article originally appeared in "The Edge Man" blog at ] (Discuss UAG DirectAccess issues on the TechNet Forums over at
  • Wiki Page: Considerations When Using Ping to Troubleshoot DirectAccess Connectivity Issues

    (This content was originally posted on the Edge Man blog at . Feel free to enhance and improve it!) =====================...
  • Wiki Page: Tom Shinder's Wiki Profile

    I'm Tom Shinder. You might know me from the dozens of books I've written on Windows and Windows networking, or you might know me from my long association with , or maybe you know me because I owe you some money :) If you don't know me, I'm a technical writer and have...
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