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  • Wiki Page: SharePoint IT Pro Community Content

    This is a stub article - Please add info when needed! SharePoint 2010 Prequisities SharePoint 2010 Installation Step by Step User Profile Sync Setup Step by Step Install SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7/Vista Troubleshoot User Profile Sync in SharePoint 2010 Unable to View Previous Versions...
  • Wiki Page: Win 8 and WS2012 Deployment Survival Guide

    This article originated from this blog post . Do you have additional links to share? It is the wiki way. Server Posterpedia (free app): Deployment Installing the .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8:
  • Wiki Page: Green IT Survival Guide

    At customer events a few years ago, we started handing out one-page "Survival Guides" (printed both sides and laminated) with links to important resources. The wiki versions of the Survival Guides are meant to do the same things without killing trees or using laminating machines. Please add...
  • Wiki Page: Video for IT Pro: Best Practices

    What makes a good IT Pro video? Here are some starting thoughts - please add yours. DO Only use video when video adds value . For example, seeing how long something takes in real-time adds value. Likewise, hearing an expert's thought process while troubleshooting adds value. Merely showing...
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