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  • Wiki Page: Kerberos Double Hop - Basics

    NTLM NT LAN Manager Authentication Protocol Windows Challenge/Response NTLM is Used when Kerberos Authentication fails or when you try to access resource using the IP address Kerberos Authentication Protocol Uses "Tickets" for Authentication Preferred Protocol in Windows...
  • Wiki Page: Kerberos Double Hop - Prerequisite

    Ingredients 1. Client Machine (Windows XP) 2. Domain Controller (Windows 2003) 3. Member Server - SQL (Windows 2003) 4. Member Server - SharePoint (Windows 2003) Domain Controller 1. Service Account for SQL 2. Service Account for SharePoint
  • Wiki Page: Kerberos Double Hop - Installing SQL

    Installing SQL SharePoint is considered to be a Front End Server, It does not stores any data, It just fetches the data from SQL. SQL is a Back End Server which stores the SharePoint Database - Configuration and Content While Installing SharePoint, we do have an option to Install the default "...
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