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  • Wiki Page: How to Build, Manage and Navigate the User Interface of a WPF Application

    Table of Contents Introduction Download Navigate Pages or Dashboard NavigationWindow 1. Hyperlink 2. Frame 3. NavigationService Dashboard Applications Side-note about the power of templates 4. Adding UserControls to XAML 5. Parent Cast 6. Inversion of Control / Dependancy Injection (kind of) 7. Application...
  • Wiki Page: VERY Easy MVVM

    This article documents the classes and techniques presented in "MVVMExtraLite", a TechNet Gallery sample that you can download, copy the code and use as your own. Table of Contents Introduction 1. Attached Property + ViewModelBase = CloseWindow from ViewModel 2. RelayCommand 3. Mediator...
  • Wiki Page: Mediator Design Pattern

    This article describes the Mediator design pattern . This is a behavioral design pattern , a category of design pattern used by software engineers, when writing computer programs. Table of Contents Introduction Benefits See Also Community Resources References section Introduction A Mediator...
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