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  • Wiki Page: UAG DirectAccess "The adapter configured as external-facing is connected to a domain"

    Forefront UAG supports an enhanced version of DirectAccess that adds several features and capabilities that aren't available with the Windows only version of DirectAccess. After installing UAG on your Windows Server 2008 R2 server, you can then enable DirectAccess using the UAG DirectAccess wizard...
  • Wiki Page: GPO Settings That Could Potentially Cause Issues with MED-V Features

    MED-V V2 leverages underlying VPC and RDP\RemoteApp technologies to facilitate support for URL, Print, and document redirection. In addition, a special BHO is used by the host browser to redirect URL’s configured for legacy guest browsing to the guest browser. There are certain group policies that...
  • Wiki Page: عدم اعمال گروپ پاليسي در لينک های کم سرعت (fa-IR)

    عدم اعمال گروپ پاليسي در لينک هاي کم سرعت Group Policy Slow link detection (fa-IR) از بين هزاران پاليسي موجود ممکن است شما هم تابحال با مشکل عدم اعمال برخي از آنها بر روي برخي کلاينتها مواجه شده باشيد , مثلا بارها ديده ايد که پس از انتشار يک نرم افزار از طريق پاليسي , برخي از سيستم ها, سیستم...
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