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  • Wiki Page: ConfigMgr (SCCM) – Software Updates Related WMI Checks

    To check the WSUS Server we scanned against 1. Connect to “Root\ccm\softwareupdates\WUAHandler” 2. Click on “Query” and paste the following query in the “query” windows and click on “Apply” select * from CCM_updatesource 3. Double click...
  • Wiki Page: Uninstall KBUninstall folders

    Uninstall KBUninstall folders on your computers in a domain Glenn Turner gracious posted up this script to delete KBUninstall folders that end up taking a great deal of room on computers. If you have applied a service pack that replaces the need for a hotfix you do not need these folders. Keep in...
  • Wiki Page: Patch Issues for Administrators

    Resources and Guidance for Patch Issues for Administrators To better remember where the log files end up for various patches, this wiki page is an attempt to recap them in one place for the Patching Administrator. If the failure is in installation, - what is the error message? Here's a page...
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