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  • Wiki Page: Software Patterns & Practices

    Table of Contents The article describes how to deal with Design patterns and practices while developing your application. This article is basically a pointer to all the design patters accociated with the series. Please bookmark this to get links updated for all other articles that is added to the...
  • Wiki Page: Private Cloud Principles, Concepts, and Patterns

    A key goal is to enable IT organizations to leverage the principles and concepts described in Reference Architecture for Private Cloud content set to offer Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS ), allowing any workload hosted on this infrastructure to automatically inherit a set of Cloud-like attributes...
  • Wiki Page: What is Community?

    With the rise of social media, "community" has become a ubiquitous term. This topic attempts to define community, its principals and relevent nuances including impact to the information experience around Microsoft technology. Community is made up of individuals who have a shared interest...
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