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  • Wiki Page: Choosing Your Cloud

    For organizations, it is important to know which cloud model they should consider to use. There are many factors that you should consider when you are planning to chose cloud model. Here some recommendations for choosing cloud solution will discuss. Organization’s Policy: One important factor is...
  • Wiki Page: Windows Azure Survival Guide

    This article is a list of resources you need to join the Windows Azure community of IT Pros. Feel free to add to it - it is the wiki way! Table of Contents Microsoft Content Virtual Lab Blogs User Groups E-Books Forums Videos Other Resources See Also This image from
  • Wiki Page: Infrastructure for The Mobile Age

    We have now a world of unlimited access. At any given moment there are millions of devices running billions of applications simultaneously. We expect this interaction to happen seamlesly and most of the time it does.This all happens silently through servers.Dedicated equipment running reliably is...
  • Wiki Page: Configuring the Corpnet Subnet of the Base Configuration Test Lab for Public Cloud Technologies

    Table of Contents Overview Step 1: Configure DC1 Install the operating system on DC1 Change the computer name to DC1 Configure TCP/IP properties Configure DC1 as a domain controller and DNS server Install an enterprise root CA on DC1 Configure the CRL distribution settings Configure DC1 to forward DNS...
  • Wiki Page: VMRole and Azure Connect (Still Not IaaS)

    I wanted to test the new VMRole feature together with Azure Connect. Here are the various setups I have tested: 1) SharePoint installed on VMRole – connected with On-Premise SQL server 2) Self-Service-Portal (v.1) on VMRole – connected with On-Premise servers 3) LOB...
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