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  • Wiki Page: BizTalk Server 2013: How to use SFTP Adapter

    Table of Contents Introduction How to prepare a testing environment to communicate with the SFTP adapter? How to configure BizTalk SFTP Adapter? How to test BizTalk Adapter? Conclusion See Also Introduction BizTalk server has supported the FTP (File Transfer Protocol ) adapter since its early release...
  • Wiki Page: Difference between FTP FTPS & SFTP in Biztalk Server 2010

    FTP FTPS SFTP FTP Adapter in Biztalk 2010 (SSL support ) Third Party / Open Source Adapters for SFTP
  • Wiki Page: BizTalk Server 2013: New Adapters

    Table of Contents Introduction SB-Messaging Resources SFTP Resources WCF-BasicHttpRelay Resources WCF-NetTcpRelay Resources WCF-WebHttp Resources Updated SharePoint Services Adapter Resources See Also Introduction BizTalk 2013 is currently in CTP and you can easily get access to it by setting...
  • Wiki Page: How to SFTP Data to Hadoop-based services on Windows Azure

    by Brad Sarsfield In reference to the How to FTP Data to Hadoop-based services on Windows Azure , the follow up is how to SFTP. Open the SFTP port to your head node From you page; In the “Open Ports Tile” open the FTPS port 2226 This opens port...
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