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  • Wiki Page: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting Mechanisms

    Originally a blog article by Leon Tribe. Read the original here: . I have just spent three days locked in a room with a client working out the reports they need to come out of CRM. What I got out of the exercise,...
  • Wiki Page: Troubleshooting Windows Azure SQL Reporting

    Table of Contents Troubleshooting Tips Report Server Access To verify that you have credentials sufficient to access the report server, in a browser, use the https protocol and the Web Service URL from your SQL Reporting subscription. For example, if your Web Service URL is
  • Wiki Page: Windows Azure SQL Reporting Samples

    Sample reports and a Windows Azure web role with a ReportViewer control that points to the sample reports, is available for download for Windows Azure SQL Reporting. In this article: Download samples Prerequisites Sample Data for Reports Report Samples SQL Reporting application samples...
  • Wiki Page: Deploy Windows Azure SQL Reporting on an On-Premise SQL Server Reporting Service

    There is bug in Windows Azure SQL Reporting Services CTP where reports that take longer than 1 minute to execute are being killed by Windows Azure as "idle connections", see Most...
  • Wiki Page: Windows Azure SQL Reporting FAQ

    Windows Azure SQL Reporting is a cloud-based reporting service you add to your existing Windows Azure subscription. This article contains FAQs for SQL Reporting. In this article: Scenarios Comparison Getting Started Connectivity and Security Managing Report Servers Looking...
  • Wiki Page: Windows Azure SQL Reporting Overview

    This page contains resources and information that will help you learn more about Windows Azure SQL Reporting. If you are already familiar with SQL Reporting and are looking for product documentation, news and events, or a list of additional resources, please visit the following sites: SQL Reporting...
  • Wiki Page: The Seven Ages of Dynamics CRM Reporting

    This article has been moved to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting Mechanisms
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