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  • Wiki Page: BizTalk Server: Performance Tuning & Optimization

    Table of Contents Introduction Few Problems Few Requirements What Should We Do First Few Steps Review of Solution Design References for Code Review/Solution Design Review Everything Else! References MSDN MSDN Social Tools Blogs Hot Fixes See Also Introduction Performance tuning is a bit more art...
  • Wiki Page: System Center Advisor (Projeto Atlanta) (pt-BR)

    Nos ultimos dias, por ocasião do MVP Summit e do MMC, a Microsoft demonstrou que está agressiva em sua migração de serviços para a nuvem com o lançamento do System Center Advisor Beta e do Intune (
  • Wiki Page: Windows Azure Survival Guide

    This article is a list of resources you need to join the Windows Azure community of IT Pros. Feel free to add to it - it is the wiki way! Table of Contents Microsoft Content Virtual Lab Blogs User Groups E-Books Forums Videos Other Resources See Also This image from
  • Wiki Page: Federations: Building Scalable, Elastic, and Multi-tenant Database Solutions with Windows Azure SQL Database

    Table of Contents Introduction: What are Federations? Who are Federations for? Federation Architecture How to Create a Federation? Further Information on Federations Introduction: What are Federations? Federations simply bring in the sharding pattern into Windows Azure SQL Database...
  • Wiki Page: AppFabric FAQ: Scalability

    Scalability Q: Is AppFabric enterprise-ready? I have more than 100 services hosted in a single server. Will it be performing good enough? A: Performance is a key measure for server products such as AppFabric. Ensuring that AppFabric is able to cater for large number of applications and...
  • Wiki Page: Getting started with Unity Framework

    Last few months I have a thought about how to develop application with loosely coupled components. This is our primary objective when we goes for a scalable application development. Unity container is one of the promising solution to develop any highly scalable solution. Let me explain it...
  • Wiki Page: SQL Server Reporting Services Scale-out in Native mode

    Here are a list of references for those interested in setting up and configuring a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) native mode instance in scale-out mode. Concepts Involved Let's start by confirming an oft repeated warning - Reporting Services is not cluster-aware . High Availability...
  • Wiki Page: Windows Azure Scalability

    Easy scalability is a great benefit of using Windows Azure Cloud Services. The links here provide guidance and how-to instructions for developing scalable apps. Best Practices Best Practices for the Design of Large-Scale Services on Windows Azure Cloud Services Plan and Design Creating...
  • Wiki Page: SQL Azure Federations - How to build large scale database solutions with SQL Azure

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