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  • Wiki Page: BizTalk Server 2013: Connect to the Windows Azure Service Bus

    Table of Contents Introduction Business Scenario's SB-Messaging Adapter SB-Messaging - Address SB-Messaging - Prefetch SB-Messaging - Session SB-Messaging - Authentication SB-Messaging - Properties WCF-BasicHttpRelay Adapter/WCF-NetTcpRelay Adapter WCF-BasicHttpRelay/NetTcpRelay - Address WCF-BasicHttpRelay...
  • Wiki Page: Testing Windows Azure Service Bus Topics on local computer

    Using Service Bus Topics allows us to communicate with loosely coupled components or systems using publish/subscribe model. The difference between Azure Queues and Topics is that using Topics the message can be easily routed to the selected subscriber by using filters while using only the queues this...
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