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  • Wiki Page: Links to Antivirus File Exclusion Recommendations

    When deploying Antimalware/spyware/virus solutions it is important to understand what the recommended exclusions are for the software products you have installed in your environment. This is important to properly balance your protection profile against the delivery needs of your service. The purpose...
  • Wiki Page: Identify Regkeys for Common Windows Settings

    When you make a change to one of the configuration settings in Windows, the updated value is typically stored in the system registry under either the HKEY_CURRENT_USER or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry branch. If you need to set up multiple Windows workstations with the same settings, it is often...
  • Wiki Page: How to Fix a Broken Network Connection Due to a BSOD

    A missing network connection is a large problem for Windows computers that have recently suffered a BSOD. This can esially be fixed by doing a Windows reset. This function does not remove any files created before the time you set to reset to. So, if you set the reset backup time to Jan/1/2011, the...
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