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  • Wiki Page: SharePoint 2007: Distorted Toolbar or No Toolbar in Document Library

    Issue: Sometimes back I have found very interesting issue on one of my document library. Even if I login through system account, not getting menu bars icons. This is only with a specific document library, if I create a new document library all menu icons were available. ...
  • Wiki Page: SharePoint 2007: Unknown Error Trying To Lock File

    Issue: An error screen while try to edit Office 2007 documents uploaded in SharePoint Document library. Unknown Error Trying To Lock File This is mostly related to operating system and already been fixed in SP1, though sometimes we have to modify below registry settings. Resolution...
  • Wiki Page: How to Display File Extensions in a SharePoint Document Library

    There are 2 ways to show file extensions in a SharePoint document library Method1: Convert the document library List View web part to a XSLT dataview Open the document library with FrontPage, Right click and convert to DataView. Modify the XSLT to add select=”@File_x0020_Type...
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