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  • Wiki Page: Why Split Tunneling is Not a Security Issue with DirectAccess

    [This article originally appeared in "The Edge Man" blog at ] (Discuss UAG DirectAccess issues on the TechNet Forums over at
  • Wiki Page: Split Tunneling Versus Force Tunneling for DirectAccess Clients

    [This article originally appeared on The Edge Man blog at ] When you configure a Windows DA server or UAG DA server-based DirectAccess (DA) solution, the default setting is to enable...
  • Wiki Page: DirectAccess and Split Tunneling

    When you configure the UAG DirectAccess server solution, it automatically configures group policy so that the clients connect to the intranet over the DirectAccess IPsec tunnels, but connects to the Internet using the local NIC settings (that is to say, it connects directly to the Web server over its...
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