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  • Wiki Page: Sort Letters in a Phrase using T-SQL

    Table of Contents Problem definition Introduction Solution Limitations 1. Data Type 2. Data Length See Also Problem definition This article comes up from this MSDN forum post. The problem is how can we sort the letters in a phrase just using T-SQL? To clarify the question, for instance...
  • Wiki Page: T-SQL: Gaps and Islands Problem

    This article will consider a simple classical Gaps & Islands problem asked recently in Transact-SQL Forum at MSDN with non original title "Query Help" . Table of Contents Problem Definition Solution See Also Problem Definition The thread originator was kind enough...
  • Wiki Page: How SQL Server Determines Type of the Constant

    Table of Contents Problem Definition Explanation Conclusion See Also Problem Definition There was an interesting question asked recently in Transact-SQL forum "Basic doubt in Round function" . The problem was stated as following: SELECT ROUND(744, -3) produced...
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