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  • Wiki Page: Send Email Using your default Outlook Account

    Sometimes we can face smtp problems when we want to send an email via .NET code.Proxy Problem Or not using the right SMTP port.A more easy way is to use the interoperability between outlook and visual studio framework. With adding the Microsoft.Office.Interop reference to our project we can send...
  • Wiki Page: How to Create Video Games in VB.Net (Windows Forms)

    How to Create Video Games in VB.Net (Windows Forms) I realize that this is a very popular subject, especially amongst budding developers. The drive to create games may be the reason you started working with Visual Basic in the first place. After stepping through a few samples and getting the hang...
  • Wiki Page: Changing the speed of a wave file In Visual Basic.Net

    How to change the speed at which you play your wavefile I have seen this question posted multiple times in the forums and figured I would share here as well. Please note that this is not perfect, not all wave files can be modified without first modifying other fileformatsubchunk fields. ...
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