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  • Wiki Page: NLTEST to test the trust relationship between a workstation and domain

    Table of Contents 1.NLTEST can be used to show this trust relationship. 2.To determine the domain controllers in the CONTOSO domain: 3.To determine the domain controllers in the CONTOSO domain: 4.Below are the secure channels between each domain controller in CONTOSO and a DC in the MICROSOFT domain...
  • Wiki Page: DNSCMD

    Table of Contents Set forwarders Disable forwarders Add conditional forwader To see a complete list of zones on your DNS server To set the current time on a time stamp to resource records To display a list of autocreated zones that are also reverse lookup zones on the DNS server To export the resource...
  • Wiki Page: Dcdiag for DNS test: What are the "Auth", "Basc", "Forw", "Del", "Dyn", "RReg", "Ext"?

    Table of Contents 1.dcdiag /test:dns 2. Below output seems ok 3. H ere is some problem with the below output 4.Now what are the "Auth" "Basc"" Forw" "Del" "Dyn" "RReg" "Ext"? 5. Forw 6. RReg 7. Dyn 8.Ext 9. Use /E switch for testing...
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