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  • Wiki Page: Excel 2003 Files Trying to Open in Word 2003 When Using SharePoint 2003

    Environment SPS 2003 Office 2003 Issue If I click an Excel file in SharePoint, it opens read-only in Excel, as expected. If I use the drop down and choose Edit in Microsoft Office Excel, then the file tries to open in Word instead of Excel - which does not work, of course. If I close...
  • Wiki Page: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting Mechanisms

    Originally a blog article by Leon Tribe. Read the original here: . I have just spent three days locked in a room with a client working out the reports they need to come out of CRM. What I got out of the exercise,...
  • Wiki Page: Troubleshooting Opening Office Documents from Web Servers Both SharePoint and on-SharePoint

    When you open Office documents from a website you may experience odd behaviors that you wouldn't normally see opening other files that are not related to Office or would not notice if you were opening the documents from the local file system or a network share. Common issues involve clicking on...
  • Wiki Page: Membuat Efek Transparan pada Gambar/Foto (id-ID)

    Pada banyak kesempatan saat bekerja dengan Microsoft Office 2010, Anda akan memasukkan beberapa gambar atau foto; apakah itu untuk menginformasikan sesuatu, menambah hiasan, atau untuk menempatkan gambar background. Dan ada kalanya juga Anda menginginkan untuk mengkombinasikan dua atau lebih gambar,...
  • Wiki Page: Formatting Issues When Pasting Content into TechNet Wiki from a Word File

    Work in progress
  • Wiki Page: Merge Word 2010 Documents by Using Access 2010 VB

    A friend of me came to me with a problem -- he couldn't merge word docs. His old version of access could do it but the new version often got errors with it like : The Remote Server Machine Does Not Exist Or Is Unavailable etc.. or others. Well in the end i concluded it was an Access bug, so i...
  • Wiki Page: The Seven Ages of Dynamics CRM Reporting

    This article has been moved to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting Mechanisms
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