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  • Wiki Page: Understanding Claim Rule Language in AD FS 2.0 & Higher

    Table of Contents Introduction Understanding Claim Sets General Syntax of the Claim Rule Language Condition Statements Issuance Statements Multiple Conditions Combining Values Aggregate Functions Using Regular Expressions Querying Attribute Stores SQL Attribute Stores LDAP Attribute Stores Links to Additional...
  • Wiki Page: AD FS 2.0: How to Bulk Add Trust Relationships and Claim Rules for Testing

    Overview Included in this article is a Powershell script sample which allows bulk additions and deletions of test Claims Provider Trusts, Relying Party Trusts, and Claim Rules. These test trust relationships and claim rules may be useful for web testing in a lab environment. Usage Be...
  • Wiki Page: AD FS 2.0: How to Migrate Claim Rules Between Trusts

    Overview This article demonstrates how to migrate claim rules from one trust in AD FS 2.0 to another trust in AD FS 2.0. This may be useful when you are creating multiple trust relationships which will utilize similar claim rules, or when you are migrating configuration data between test, staging...
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