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  • Wiki Page: AD FS 2.0 & Higher: Truncate strings in claims using RegEx

    Scenario: There is an incoming claim ( or user attribute ) that is being sent to a relying party When the claim is sent, the value must not exceed a certain character limit Data that exceeds this limit must be truncated to accommodate this requirement Example: Incoming claim http...
  • Wiki Page: AD FS 2.0: Dynamic Claim Types

    Dynamic Claim Types There is data stored about a user in a SQL database ( or other attribute store ). The data stored about the user in the database needs to be a part of the claim type and not the value of the claim. For example, properties “ Redmond ” and “ Building3 ” stored in a database...
  • Wiki Page: AD FS 2.0: Using RegEx in the Claims Rule Language

    An Introduction to Regex The use of RegEx allows us to search or manipulate data in many ways in order to get a desired result. Without RegEx, when we do comparisons or replacements we must look for an exact match. Most of the time this is sufficient but what if you need to search or replace based...
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