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  • Wiki Page: Telemetry basics and troubleshooting - Cloud Service Fundamentals

    1. Introducing the telemetry blog series This week we are publishing the first blog post of a long series about the design and implementation of Cloud Service Fundamentals on Windows Azure . This reusable code package demonstrates how to address some of the most common scenarios we encountered...
  • Wiki Page: Cloud Service Fundamentals

    This series documents the individual components of the Cloud Service Fundamentals code project by the Windows Azure CAT team. The "Cloud Service Fundamentals in Windows Azure" sample demonstrates how to create database-backed Azure services from real-world customer learnings...
  • Wiki Page: Telemetry Reporting

    Written by Ewan Fairweather and Silvano Coriani from the AzureCAT team. Introduction Welcome to the fourth wiki entry on designing and implementing the Telemetry component in Cloud Service Fundamentals (CSF) on Windows Azure ! So far, we have described basic principles around application...
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