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  • Wiki Page: SharePoint Access Denied Error Page

    We can create an Feature Receiver were we can use the UpdateMappedPage method to define a custom access denied page public class SPEventReceiver : SPFeatureReceiver { Const string AccessDeniedPage = "/_layouts/Pages/AccessDenied.aspx"; public override void FeatureActivated(SPFeatureReceiverProperties...
  • Wiki Page: PowerShell: Creating Custom Objects

    Link to Parent: PowerShell - Deep Dive and Best Practice Different Methods For Creating Custom Objects Table of Contents 1. New-Object 1.1 Add-Member 1.2 Hash 1.3 Hash with V3 2. New-Module -AsCustomObject 3. Add-Type (C#) 4. Select-Object 5. Custom Types for Custom Objects 6 Resources...
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