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  • Wiki Page: Effective Database Engine Permissions

    This topic describes how to determine who has permissions to various objects in the SQL Server Database Engine. SQL Server implements two permission systems for the Database Engine. An older system of fixed roles has preconfigured permissions. Beginning with SQL Server 2005 a more flexible and precise...
  • Wiki Page: SQL Server Database Engine Permission Posters

    Posters are available that list all the granular permissions of the SQL Server Database Engine and Windows Azure SQL Database. Select the pdf images below. You can display these on your computer, expanding or shrinking them to focus on specific areas. Use Control+F to search for a specific permission...
  • Wiki Page: Database Engine Permission Basics

    In SQL Server 2008 R2, Database Engine permissions are managed at the server level through logins and fixed server roles, and at the database level through database users, fixed database roles, and user-defined database roles. Download the Permissions Poster PDF file . Table of Contents Logins...
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