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  • Wiki Page: Target Your Application to a Different Device (Windows Embedded Compact 7)

    You can rebuild an application for a device that runs Windows Embedded Compact 7 to run on a different device without creating a new Visual Studio solution. For example, you may have designed and tested your Windows Embedded Compact application on a virtual CEPC before you obtained your intended device...
  • Wiki Page: Exchange Best Practices for untrusted mailbox users

    There are many scenarios where a mailbox and its access can become "untrusted". Preventative solutions abound, but this article will focus on the following worst case scenarios for the quickest way to shut down access with the least amount of impact and administrative effort. A mobile...
  • Wiki Page: MED-V V2: GEMPLUS SmartCard Does Not Work When Using USB Smartcard to Authenticate to a MED-V Workspace

    When using a GEMPLUS SmartCard (particularly the GEMPC430 model) you may experience issues when trying to authenticate with the MED-V workspace using SmartCard credentials. This is because there may not be proper Windows XP drivers for the device installed in the Windows XP guest operating system...
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