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  • Wiki Page: The Hadoop on Azure Pi Estimator Sample Tutorial

    Overview This tutorial shows how to deploy a MapReduce program that uses a statistical (quasi-Monte Carlo) method to estimate the value of Pi. Points placed at random inside of a unit square also fall within a circle inscribed within that square with a probability equal to the area of the circle...
  • Wiki Page: Hadoop on Azure 10 GB GraySort Sample Tutorial

    Overview This tutorial shows how to run a general purpose GraySort on a 10 GB file using Hadoop on Azure. A GraySort is a benchmark sort whose metric is the sort rate (TB/minute) that is achieved while sorting a very large amount of data, usually a 100 TB minimum. This sample uses a more modest 10...
  • Wiki Page: Introduction to Hadoop Services on Azure Interactive JavaScript Console (video)

    The Microsoft Azure deployment of Hadoop Services for Windows lets you set up a private Hadoop cluster on Azure. One of the included administration/deployment tools is an Interactive Console for JavaScript and Hive. This video introduces the Interactive JavaScript console. Tester David Zhang demonstrates...
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