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  • Wiki Page: Visual Basic/C# Workaround: WebBrowser DBLClick Word

    Table of Contents What is this article about? Workaround References What is this article about? Recently in the MSDN forums (link below) it was discovered that the WebBrowser control (IE 10 based) exhibits the following unexpected behavior while used on a UserControl: MSDN Forums - WebBrowser...
  • Wiki Page: Internet security tips for Businesses

    Internet has become a lifeline for today’s businesses. Whether you are running an e-Commerce portal or a traditional business, you need Internet to run day-to-day operations. You may need to check the bank account information online or want to book air tickets without thinking twice that information...
  • Wiki Page: IE9

    IE9 is an acronym for Internet Explorer version 9 . Upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 See this msdn blog page: You can download IE9 Product Guides at:
  • Wiki Page: Internet Explorer 9: How to Get into InPrivate Browsing

    There are some simple ways of going into into InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer 9: the keyboard shortcut, from the “Tools” icon, from your taskbar, or you can create your own shortcut. 1. Keyboard Shortcut (ctrl+shift+p). When you're in Internet Explorer, for InPrivate Browsing...
  • Wiki Page: Utilizando o menu Iniciar do Windows 7 para fazer pesquisas na Internet (pt-BR)

    Table of Contents Introdução Aplica-se a Adicionando o sistema de pesquisa pela internet no Windows 7 Conclusão Introdução O procedimento abaixo vai mostrar como Utilizar o menu Iniciar do Windows 7 para fazer pesquisas na Internet. Aplica-se a Windows 7...
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