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  • Wiki Page: 3rd Party Plugins

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Currency Updater Plug-in Back to Extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Wiki Page: Freescale i.MX51

    On the Freescale i.MX51 BSP, the following CTK tests are known to fail with the issues described below: Type of Test Description Camera quality verification test In Cameraqualitytests.dll, subtest ID 100 fails because the Sysgen variable SYSGEN_AYGSHELL is set in the Multimedia_Test...
  • Wiki Page: Wiki: Troubleshooting Test Lab Guide Template

    Some people find templates helpful when creating Wiki articles. This one is intended to help those writing troubleshooting test lab guides (TLGs), which step readers through troubleshooting tools and some common troubleshooting scenarios in test lab based on a modular TLG. A modular TLG describes how...
  • Wiki Page: How to Publish Multiple File Shares on UAG

    This article is a stub. Complete this article by addressing the following scenario: I managed to publish my homefolder on UAG and was able to access the files and upload new files from the web. Now I have been trying to find a way to add other file share to my account but was not able to do so...
  • Wiki Page: How to Plan the End-User Search Experience in Office SharePoint Server 2007

    This is a stub topic. Add content to complete this topic.
  • Wiki Page: Experiences with the Test Lab Guide - UAG SP1 RC DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant

    This is a stub topic. If you have experience with configuring and using the Test Lab Guide - UAG SP1 RC DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant (click to download), please feel free to share any information that would be helpful for others to know. Examples of useful information to add to this topic...
  • Wiki Page: DirectAccess Test Lab Extension: Installing and Using the DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant (DCA)

    This is a stub topic. If you have experience with installing and using the DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant (DCA) in the DirectAccess test lab for Windows Server 2008 R2 or Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010 , please add the following sets of instructions to this topic: ...
  • Wiki Page: Hyper-V: VM Migration - R1 to R2

    This article is to expand and correct See Also Hyper-V Portal
  • Wiki Page: SSIS

    An acronym for SQL Server Integration Services .
  • Wiki Page: SSMS

    Acronym for SQL Server Management Studio .
  • Wiki Page: DAX

    Acronymn for Data Analysis Expressions .
  • Wiki Page: Wiki: About

    This topic provides some background about the TechNet Wiki including Wiki vision, goals, platform and community. Vision The TechNet Wiki vision: Enable our customers and ourselves together as Community to find, read and contribute technical information that is trusted, accurate, reputable, and...
  • Wiki Page: SQL Server Reporting Services - List of TechNet Wiki Articles

    This article lists known TechNet Wiki articles about SQL Server Reporting Services . Table of Contents See Also SSRS (Matrix): How to Repeat Headers on Each Page and Keep Headers Fixed while Scrolling SSRS - RDL Compare SSRS: Multi-valued Parameter as Stored Procedure Input ...
  • Wiki Page: Microsoft Anti-Virus Exclusion List

    One place on the web where you can find an updated list of ALL the AV exclusions you might want to configure for Windows Server. Feel free to add to the list, it is the wiki way! HINT : Subscribe to the RSS feed for this wiki page to get auto-notification when it is updated! Enterprise Configuration...
  • Wiki Page: Exchange Server 2007 to 2010 Live Migration

    NOTE : This is a stub article. To add information, click the Edit tab above. One page dedicated to this task can be found in Prem Nair's blog (Exchange Server MVP): click here . TO
  • Wiki Page: Wiki: How to Build Community

    First, don't do the things that destroy community . Next, read Art Of Community and WikiPatterns for wisdom, tips, and tricks from other communities. Conduct your wiki activities according to the Leadership Code of Conduct . Help others, be nice. Also communicate, a lot. After that...
  • Wiki Page: NOT-MS-RELATED: Code Management

    hi we talk to how to manage your code on small project is very easy but on large project its very difficult ?? on this articles am explain personal method to manage code first am programmed DLL files it work like framework am struct all need Name space Needs and this fill this name...
  • Wiki Page: BizTalk Server 2013: Pricing and Licensing

    NOTE: This is a stub article. Please add more information as it becomes available.
  • Wiki Page: Modern Apps and Proxy Settings

    Scenario : Cannot Update Windows Store Apps
  • Wiki Page: Power Pivot

    NOTE : This is a stub article. Please add content when you can.
  • Wiki Page: Power Q&A

    NOTE : This is a stub article. Please add content when you can.
  • Wiki Page: Power BI Sites

    NOTE : This is a stub article. Please add content when you can.
  • Wiki Page: Windows Server 2012 R2 Portal

    At the heart of the Microsoft Cloud OS vision, Windows Server 2012 R2 brings Microsoft’s experience delivering global-scale cloud services into your infrastructure. Windows Server 2012 R2 offers exciting new features and enhancements across virtualization, storage, networking, virtual desktop infrastructure...
  • Wiki Page: Syste Restore is not work ???

    May we never experienced such a thing , when we do not work system restore files or maybe we need can not be found again. The thing I've ever experienced , after trying and observing a few times , I finally found an answer that is because it has an enable feature ...
  • Wiki Page: SharePoint Design Patterns

    Table of Contents Books Articles / Blog Posts Other Articles Case Studies This is a stub page for SharePoint design patterns. Having a collection of design patterns in one wiki will cut down on estimation, development and maintenance of SharePoint projects. This Wiki page will catalog books, blog and...
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