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  • Wiki Page: SharePoint Access Denied Error Page

    We can create an Feature Receiver were we can use the UpdateMappedPage method to define a custom access denied page public class SPEventReceiver : SPFeatureReceiver { Const string AccessDeniedPage = "/_layouts/Pages/AccessDenied.aspx"; public override void FeatureActivated(SPFeatureReceiverProperties...
  • Wiki Page: SharePoint How-To: Create WebPart Page programmatically

    As it turned out, the task of creating webpart pages programmatically isn't obvious as it may seem at first blush. To solve it we should use ProcessBatchData : /// <summary> /// Create new webpart page /// </summary> /// <param name="list">List to...
  • Wiki Page: Basics of SQL Server Pages

    This article will be helpful to the SQL beginners like me, who may be confused with SQL pages, how SQL Server page is storing the data and how pages are aligned in Master data file. I am writing my view here and if I am wrong in this concept, kindly please correct me. Page split happens only conceptually...
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