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  • Wiki Page: Multithreading Dictionary<>

    The sample project highlights differences between Dictionary<>, ConcurrentDictionary<> and using Dictionary<> in combination with a lock. Issues arise with these data structures in a multithreaded scenario when care is not taken when adding and updating entries. Namely, unpredictable...
  • Wiki Page: CQRS Command and Query Responsibility Segregation

    Hi, I know and acknowledge there are several explanations and knowledge bases available on this . But some key factors highlighted out of this formation were: Easy calculations would reflect some optimistic trade-off Everything on 1 server doesn't provide load balancing...
  • Wiki Page: Microsoft Codename "Cloud Numerics"

    Microsoft codename “Cloud Numerics” lab (referred to as “Cloud Numerics” in the text that follows) is a numerical and data analytics library for data scientists, quantitative analysts, and others who write C# applications in Visual Studio . It enables these applications to be scaled out, deployed...
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