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  • Wiki Page: ConfigMgr (SCCM) – Troubleshooting Tips to Resolve Scan Issues in Software Updates

    Thought of sharing one of the interesting issue which I faced. The SCAN was not getting completed successfully. Most of the machines are windows 2008 core servers so with GUI it was not that much easy to troubleshoot (at least for me :) Issue Scan agent was not able to compete the scan...
  • Wiki Page: ConfigMgr (SCCM) – Very Handy Report for Software Update (Patching) Client Health

    Thought of sharing one of the very HANDY report which we use for client health with respect to patching or software update. All the credit goes to my colleague Neetu. This report will provide you below details SQL Statement SELECT v_R_System.Name0, v_R_System.Active0, v_R_System...
  • Wiki Page: ConfigMgr (SCCM)–How to find the list of Software Updates (patches) installed on Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 2008 systems

    I’ve seen people requesting for reports of list of Software Updates (patches) installed on a system along with Installed date. ConfigMgr is not collecting the list of Software Updates (patches) for Window 7/Vista/ 2008/ 2008 Core operating systems. Because, on these operating systems this information...
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