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  • Wiki Page: BizTalk Server: BizTalk Mapper Patterns

    Table of Contents Introduction Grouping Using preceding-sibling expression Using Muenchian method Grouping elements from different messages Calling an external assembly from Custom XSLT Working with Name/Value Pair Structures See Also Introduction This article will provide you with common mapper...
  • Wiki Page: Store and Forward Pattern - BizTalk and SQL Azure

    Table of Contents Introduction Store and Forward Messaging Pattern SQL Azure Scenario Connectivity with SQL Azure Creating the database (Store) Setting up Polling from BizTalk (Forward) Introduction Important aspect of messaging is that a message send from one system or application can be received...
  • Wiki Page: Getting started with Unity Framework

    Last few months I have a thought about how to develop application with loosely coupled components. This is our primary objective when we goes for a scalable application development. Unity container is one of the promising solution to develop any highly scalable solution. Let me explain it...
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