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  • Wiki Page: NOT-MS-RELATED: Free Source Code

    Sometimes we cannot recognize few codes like ( Connection String, Parsing, Casting etc .). And sometimes we have done very important codes but does not find out from PC like ( Play MP3 , Printing text file , Clipboard changing detection , Monitor system process etc.). Currently I am trying to collect...
  • Wiki Page: How to check and kill a remote windows process through the command line

    There are times where you will need to check remote processes and sometimes even end them without having to log on to the remote machine. To list processes running on a remote machine run the following: C:\> tasklist /S [computer name] /U domain\username Image Name PID Session Name Session#...
  • Wiki Page: Understanding Processor (% Processor Time) and Process (%Processor Time)

    We come up so many times with the counters Processor (%Processor Time) and Process (%Processor Time) and when we see that there is high CPU in some server we want to analyze where this high CPU is coming from, which process is taking up our CPU. We may come up with a scenario where we observe a high...
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