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  • Wiki Page: Computer Optimization

    Computer Optimization By Brian Blum , President & Chief Consultant of Maverick Solutions IT, Inc PART I - INTRO & FRAGMENTATION Many people are under the impression that a computer's performance deteriorates with age. I'd like to dispel that myth: computers are mostly solid...
  • Wiki Page: The Microsoft PFE Performance Guide (PerfGuide): Start Here

    Table of Contents Initial Indicators of Windows Performance Problems Memory Physical RAM Committed Memory Application Virtual Memory Kernel Virtual Memory System Page Table Entries Pool Paged and Pool Non-Paged Memory Pools Processor Disk Network More Information Special Thanks and Contributors ...
  • Wiki Page: Understanding Processor (% Processor Time) and Process (%Processor Time)

    We come up so many times with the counters Processor (%Processor Time) and Process (%Processor Time) and when we see that there is high CPU in some server we want to analyze where this high CPU is coming from, which process is taking up our CPU. We may come up with a scenario where we observe a high...
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