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  • Wiki Page: Become More Productive by Making Custom Code Generation Tools

    Download You can download this example project at the following link. MSDN Galleries (C# and Visual Basic examples) Introduction Sometimes when programming, we get stuck spending valuable time performing repetitive tasks. We can forget that it's possible to create our own reusable...
  • Wiki Page: Use the right tool for the right job!

    Even if you find the right tool for your job, do you know how to use the tool correctly? This is exactly what this article is going to focus on; you need to know your tools in order for you to know it’s the right tool for this job! Do you know your tooling? All too often I see developers using...
  • Wiki Page: Lync Server 2010 User Tips, Tricks and Tweaks for Better Productivity

    The Lync community has produced tons of posts and guides on how to configure stuff and how to set things up in Lync Server 2010, helping admins out there to do their job. But not as many posts are dedicated to how end users actually can use Lync 2010 to work smarter. Inspired by Ståle Hansen...
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