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  • Wiki Page: Tools for Troubleshooting Slow Boots and Slow Logons (sbsl)

    Table of Contents Tools Overview Installing XPERF to capture a slow boot or logon trace Using XBOOTMGR to capture slow boots, or slow logons caused by slow boots Using XPERF to capture slow logons Installing and using the SBSL SDP Manifest to capture data Configuring XPERF to view slow boot and logon...
  • Wiki Page: The Windows 7 Boot Process (sbsl) (HR-HR)

    Version This is a translation of the original article: The Windows 7 Boot Process (sbsl) Autor Claus Witjes i Arne Stremlau Ovaj članak o procesu Windows boot je dio nastavka serije o OS boot i prijavu korisnika kašnjenja na Windows računala spaja s Active Directory domene. Vezani članci...
  • Wiki Page: The Windows 7 Boot Process (sbsl)

    Written by Claus Witjes and Arne Stremlau This article about the Windows boot process is part of a continuing series on OS boot and user logon delays on Windows computers joined to Active Directory domains. Related articles describing known issues and tools to troubleshoot slow boots and user logons...
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