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  • Wiki Page: How to check and kill a remote windows process through the command line

    There are times where you will need to check remote processes and sometimes even end them without having to log on to the remote machine. To list processes running on a remote machine run the following: C:\> tasklist /S [computer name] /U domain\username Image Name PID Session Name Session#...
  • Wiki Page: Execute Package Task (SSIS)

    The Execute Package Task is a task in SSIS , executing an already deployed package (a child package) from a parent package. Basically, it contains a reference to the child package, but since it's used from the parent package, the developer can set transaction options for the packages in the ETL...
  • Wiki Page: How to make a Simple fast WPF mouse tail (or tracer stream) (en-US)

    This article shows how to add "Tracer" objects, that follow the mouse around in a stream / tracer effect. The concept is to move away from a "controller" type solution where a monitor loop adds and removes dots. In this example, each dot is responsible for it's own actions...
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