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  • Wiki Page: Multithreading Dictionary<>

    The sample project highlights differences between Dictionary<>, ConcurrentDictionary<> and using Dictionary<> in combination with a lock. Issues arise with these data structures in a multithreaded scenario when care is not taken when adding and updating entries. Namely, unpredictable...
  • Wiki Page: Threads Versus Tasks

    This article will show the difference in behavior of using the ThreadPool or Tasks in you Windows Store apps and the things you have to remember when using them. First look at this example: private async Task DoOperation(string s) { Debug.WriteLine("{0}3", s);...
  • Wiki Page: SaveAppointmentTask for beginners in depth

    Hello, today we are going to learn something that is mostly needed by developers. Windows Phone 8 now allow the developer to use SaveAppointmentTask to facilitate the user. SaveAppointmentTask saves the appointment to the calendar whereas, the task API allows you to populate many of the fields of the...
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