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  • Wiki Page: SSRS: Multiple Ways to Split a String into Multiple Lines

    This post is about how to split a string inside textbox or field into multiple lines . Below are the options to split a string into multiple lines : i.) using VBCRLF ii.) using chr(10) iii.) using <br> HTML tag Consider for example that I have a string "Microsoft Reporting...
  • Wiki Page: Office 365 Advanced Archiving Tips for Exchange Hosted Archiving Admins

    Table of Contents Create a cloud-based archive for a user Remove a user’s cloud-based archive Get archive size Place an archive on litigation hold Perform a discovery search Export archive or discovery results to a PST file. Office 365 Advanced Archiving capablities hosts archive mailboxes for your...
  • Wiki Page: Permutations of a table column in SQL

    The permutation of a set comprise all the unique orderings of the elements of the set. Naive implementation of a permutation generator in SQL require performing a N-ary self-join of the set, where N is the number of elemnts in the set. This is inconvenient, as the code must be reworked whenever the...
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