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  • Wiki Page: Hyper-V: Virtual Memory Survival Guide

    At customer events a few years ago we started handing out one-page "Survival Guides" (printed both sides and laminated) with links to important resources. The wiki versions of the Survival Guides are meant to do the same things without killing trees or using laminating machines. Please add...
  • Wiki Page: Virtual Memory In Visual Basic.Net

    How To Use Virtual Memory In Visual Basic.Net Sometimes don't you want to use ram as you go, instead of loading giant files into ram? Here is an example of how to utilize Virtual Memory in Visual Basic. Code: The following Visual Basic code uses the MemoryMappedFile.CreateFromFile(FileName...
  • Wiki Page: PerfGuide: Out of Process Virtual Memory

    Table of Contents Process Virtual Memory Concept Determine the Maximum amount of Virtual Address Space Windows - Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low Troubleshooting Treating the Symptoms More Information You have arrived here because you have identified hat one or more of your processes are crashing...
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